SRT-1 International Rescue 3 course (swift water rescue technician)


Curso Rescue 3 Internacional: SRT-1 (Swiftwater Rescue Technician)

: 15th, 16th and 17th of June, 2015.

Retail price: €385 (VAT not included). Ask for more information. Click here for information about the advanced course.

Place: Cuevas Bajas and El Tejar-Benamejí (Málaga – Córdoba).

Level: Professional

Instructor: Antonio Tavares



To respond the necessities of this sector, Rescue 3 was created in California in the eighties, creating this way a standard of the river rescue.

These are intensive courses of 3 days, with a total of 30 training hours; half day of theoretical studies and two days and a half of practices.

At the end of the course and after having passed a test, the SRT-1 International Rescue 3 Certificate will be issued.
Afterwards, you will be able to start and complete the  SRT-ADVANCED International Rescue 3 course.


Students’ requirements:

You have to be over 18 years old.

You must know how to swim, having good technical skills, a good physical form and a good condition of physical and psychological health.


Target groups:

This course is aimed to professional rescue teams (aquatic rescue, firefighters, civil protection…), potential professionals of this sector and white water and mountain athletes (rafting, canyoning, kayaking and high mountain guides), and other professionals that need to know an advanced use of the ropes.



Up to twelve people per group.


Personal equipment :

that the student must bring:

Life harness vest, white water helmet, wetsuit (overalls and jacket or full suit), slippers or trekking shoes (suitable for the water), two climbing ropes (0,27 inches wide and 6,56 feet long), three HMS security carabiners (pear shaped), a 13,12 feet long rope, one distress whistle, one pocket knife and a head torch.



The first day will be half practical and half theoretical; the two left days will be practical.

Theoretical lessons:

  • Characteristics and philosophy of the rescue.
  • Risk management equipment.
  • Hydrology and current dynamic.
  • Floods and inundations.
  • Basic rules of rescue and self-rescue.
  • Analysis of drowning cases and medical consideration.
  • Priorities in the rescue procedures.
  • Planning and management in accidents.
  • Witnesses and nosy people treatment.
  • Types of boats used for the rescue.

Practical lessons:

  • Cordage, knots and rigging.
  • White water swim techniques (defensive and aggressive swim).
  • Rescue techniques with rope (knots, anchor systems, tensioning systems).
  • Aquatic rescue skills and techniques (throw bag rescue, shallow water crossing, contact rescue, live bait).
  • Risks and security during the rescue operations.
  • Deployment of operations to search for persons.
  • Communication.
  • Advanced techniques and great risk scenes.
  • Attendance with ropes to people in emergency situation.
  • Vehicles in the current.


This certificate will be valid for three years.


The price includes:

  • One book.
  • R3 emblem.
  • Official certificate from International Rescue 3.
  • Skills sheet.
  • Registration number.
  • Transport and support during the course.
  • Collective technical and security equipment.
  • Instructors.
  • Assistance insurance.

The prices does not include:

  • Personal equipment required for the course (see NECESSARY PERSONAL EQUIPMENT).
  • Travels from the place of origin to the meeting point.
  • Accommodation and provisions during the programme.
  • Any other service not specified in the previous section.


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