OcioAventura Cerro Gordo offers you routes, adapted to your personal characteristics, in the heart of Andalucía.

We always evaluate the most interesting options for the groups who visit us to enjoy the most as possible.

Our main facilities are located in Cuevas Bajas, in the province of Málaga, that which let us carry out this activity into direct contact with the nature. We are close also to the region of Antequera, crossed by rivers and streams that nourish the vegetation from their beds. You will be able to observe too the big pieces of land destined to crops that sustain the population.

After a few hours walking, you will have the possibility of resting at our rural accommodation with swimming pool or enjoying a succulent lunch.



OLIVARES DEL GENIL ROUTE (Cuevas Bajas – Cuevas de San Marcos)

Our walk will start in the village of Cuevas Bajas. A few minutes later, there is an inclination, the slope of Taraje, with a 13% incline.

Fifteen minutes later, we will arrive to an important descent, from where you will be able to see the small village of La Aceña at the bottom, Sierra de Rute (mountain chain) in the distance and, on the left, the village of Encinas Reales.

As soon as we arrive to La Aceña, we will find scattered countryside houses and vegetable gardens in the bank of Río Genil. This area belongs to the township of Cuevas de San Marcos. Once we pass through it, we will find a river waterwheel that is still working nowadays for irrigation of vegetable gardens and olive trees.

We will take advantage of being in the middle of the countryside and in such a spectacular place to rest and contemplate the autochthonous fauna and flora. We will be in the bank of Río Genil, in a riverbank forest surrounded by white and black poplars, willows, rushes and reedbeds. We will find also an important bird life as cattle egrets, mallards and little bustards.

Following the riverside, we will walk through wide bridle path. There are olive trees on the right and the riverbank forest is on the left.

We will start going up the last slope of our itinerary and then, we will be able to observe the village of Cuevas de San Marcos and behind, Sierra del Camorro. We will catch up our destination and after 984.25 feet of descent, we will arrive to Plaza de Morana (square), where the vehicles will be waiting to collect us.