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1. Purpose

WWW.OCIOAVENTURACERROGORDO.COM is a web site dedicated to ACTIVE AND ADVENTURE TOURISM, property of Miguel Ángel Sánchez Ortiz, with tax identification number 25342381S and domiciled in C/ Ronda S/N, CUEVAS BAJAS (MÁLAGA), contact phone and e-mail (+34) 655 614 837 –

Miguel Ángel Sánchez Ortis is also the responsible for the web site contents of and the trade policy of this establishment.

This legal notice regulate the use of the mentioned domain. The use of this web site implies the acceptance of the terms of use included in this legal notice on the part of the user. Moreover, MIGUEL ÁNGEL SÁNCHEZ ORTIZ remarks that the contents and services of this web site, as well as the terms of use themselves, can be modified without a previous notification.

2. Terms of use

The user commits to facilitate true, exact and complete details of his or her identity in those sections where a registration is needed. Furthermore, he or she commits to keep up to date those details which have been provided to the domain owner, hence solely responsible for any falseness or inaccuracy undertaken. In case of being underage, an authorisation from the parents, legal tutors or representatives must be provided to be able to access to the services provided. MIGUEL ÁNGEL SÁNCHEZ ORTIZ won’t take any responsibility in case of the details regarding this matter are inaccurate or false.

The “portal” can be used for lawful purposes only, thus the user is obliged to make a fair and honest use of the portal and in accordance with the present General Conditions of Use. The services of the “portal” CANNOT be used to carry out activities against the Spanish legislation, the morals and the public order; the user accepts responsibility for the damages and harms in the presence of the domain owner or third parties that could develop into illegal practices or other not allowed practices, including but not limited to:

  • Manipulating or modifying this web site without the prior consent of the domain owner, who won’t assume in this case any derivative responsibility from that manipulation or alteration made by third parties.
  • Carrying out any action that can damage, disable, overload or spoil this web site and services and/or blocking the normal use on the part of the users.
  • Introducing and/or using computer programs, details, faulty files, viruses, malicious code, computers, telecommunications or other equipments, regardless of its nature which can cause damages to the web, to any of the services, or to whichever active ones (physical or logical) of the domain owner’s information systems.
  • Violating the third parties’ rights to privacy, self-image, data protection, confidentiality in the communications, and intellectual and industrial property.
  • Hiding and falsifying the origin of e-mails.
  • Using fake identities, impersonating someone’s identity while using this web or any of our services.
  • Duplicating, distributing, modifying or copying the content of this web, unless it exists and authorisation from the domain owner or you are legally authorised.
  • Transferring to unauthorised third parties the user names and access codes.

MIGUEL ÁNGEL SÁNCHEZ ORTIZ does not take any responsibility of the links to other third parties’ online web sites, and their existence does not mean that MIGUEL ÁNGEL SÁNCHEZ ORTIZ approves or accepts their contents and services. These other web sites are not operated by MIGUEL ÁNGEL SÁNCHEZ ORTIZ nor covered by the present privacy policy. If you access to other web sites using the provided links, the operators of those web sites will be able to collect your personal details. Please, ensure you agree the privacy policies of these third parties’ web sites before you facilitate any kind of personal info.

Generally, the domain owner excludes his responsibility for the damages and harms of any kind that could derive from the use of the web site, as well as the damages and harms derived from the violation of the industrial and intellectual property rights on the part of the users and/or lack of veracity, accuracy and relevance of the contents, and none responsibilities can be demanded due to the interruption of the service, inadequate functioning or impossibility to access the service.

The domain owner won’t be responsible for the damages and harms caused by the presence of a virus or any other detrimental software which can produce alterations in the computerised system of the user.

The web site, including but not limited to, its programming, designs, logos, text and/or graphics are property of provider or, where appropriate, if the authors authorise expressly.

Regardless the purpose they are destined to, the total or partial copy, use, exploitation, distribution and commercialisation, a writer authorisation from the domain owner will be required in any case.

The user commits not to carry out any action against the author’s industrial and intellectual property rights.

The provider expressly authorises that third parties redirect directly the specific contents of the web site, and in any case this should redirect as well to the main web site of he provider.


“In compliance with the Data Protection General Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council, on the 27th April 2016, we inform you that the provided personal data will be processed by MIGUEL ANGEL SANCHEZ ORTIZ with VAT number 25342381S, addressed in CUEVAS BAJAS (MALAGA), C.P. 29220, C/RONDA S/N, to provide the requested service, and make the billing of it.
The legal basis for the processing of your personal data is the execution of the contracted service. The future offer of products and services will be based on the requested consent, and in the case of the withdrawal of this consent, this would never condition the execution of the contract.
The data provided will be kept as long as the commercial relationship is maintained or during the years necessary to comply with the legal obligations. The data will not be transferred to third parties except in cases where there is a legal obligation. You have the right to know if MIGUEL ANGEL SANCHEZ ORTIZ is treating your personal data. If so, you have the right to access, rectify, treat, port, opposite and suppress them, as well as to file a claim before the Control Authority by writing to the above address or by emailing to, attaching a copy of your ID in both cases.


4. Use of cookies.

MIGUEL ÁNGEL SÁNCHEZ ORTIZ uses automatic data collection procedures (cookies) to collect personal data as the kind of browser or operating system used, reference page, route, Internet Service Provider domain, etc., with the purpose of improving the services provided. Cookies help us adapting the contents of this web site to your personal needs.

MIGUEL ÁNGEL SÁNCHEZ ORTIZ keeps all the information collected through the cookies in a non-customised format. This kind of information collected through the cookies will not be disclosed out of OCIOAVENTURA CERRO GORDO, nor used for unsolicited communications.

Cookies located in your computer do not contain your full name, but an IP address. After the user is logged out, the information contained in the cookies will not be at MIGUEL ÁNGEL SÁNCHEZ ORTIZ’s disposal anymore. You can configure your computer to be warned about the presence of cookies before you accept them, or you can configure it straightaway to reject them automatically, in which case you could maybe not have access to some of the services in this web site. “Help” button at your browser will indicate you how to do this. You do not need to have cookies installed to use and surf determined parts of this web site of other MIGUEL ÁNGEL SÁNCHEZ ORTÍZ’s web sites. Remember that, if you use different computers in different places you will have to make sure every browsing program is adapted to your preferences about the use of cookies.

In addition, for those who use a POS system, there is a cookie used to collect an identifier to follow up the data entered by the user who books, whom are accumulated temporarily in the database and used to confirm the validity of the booking and its payment.


5. Applicable law.

The present conditions will be governed at all times by the Spanish legislation.


Likewise, pursuant to the provisions of Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of May 21, 2013, regarding the resolution of online consumer disputes, OCIOAVENTURA CERRO GORDO informs you that , in the event of a dispute, the Users resident in the European Union may go to the “Online Platform for Conflict Resolution” that the European Commission has developed, in order to try to resolve out of court any dispute arising from the provision of services by part of OCIOAVENTURA CERRO GORDO.

To access the “Online Platform for Conflict Resolution” you can do it through the following link:

In any case, OCIOAVENTURA CERRO GORDO states to the User that it has a Claim Sheet through which you can make any complaint or claim regarding the services provided by OCIOAVENTURA CERRO GORDO.