Bookings – bank transfer payment


– The booking will be made effective once the % of the budget is paid.
– This payment can be carried out by:


Account number: ES90 0237 0623 9091 6770 1096

Code swift (BIC) CSURES2CXXX

Banking branch: CAJASUR
Account number identifier: OCIOAVENTURA CERRO GORDO
Concept of payment: [insert here the name and surname of the participant]

  • CREDIT CARD (this payment can be carried out when the period between the activity and booking is less than three days)


It is essential to send us a proof of payment, either if you pay by bank transfer or by credit card. You can send it to:, in the required time frame, indicating:

  • ID

The company is not responsible for any possible booking anomaly in case of breach of this clause above, and under no circumstances will proceed to refund.

The company will send to the customer the booking confirmation (via e-mail). No booking is valid without this confirmation.
Bookings via telephone will not be valid, just like any other procedure carried out this way.


– Once we receive the 50% of the payment, our production department sets out to finalize all the preparation.
– In case of cancellation due to outside causes which have nothing to do with OCIOAVENTURA CERRO GORDO, refunds will not permitted.
– If any of the participants is not going to carry out the activity at the end and does not notify it in a minimum of 3 days before, she/he will have to pay for the 100% of the activity.


1. The customer responsible for the group will make sure that all participants become aware of the service (schedule, location, level of difficulty, personal equipment required for the activity, physical conditions, cancellation costs, general service conditions, etc.) just like specified in the web site; there is no possibility of refund or repayment in the same day of the activity.

2. The responsible customer, while paying the booking, undertakes to do the payment of the total depending on the minimum number of confirmed participants in that moment. If not, OCIOAVENTURA CERRO GORDO reserves the right to negotiate a requote of the booked activity depending on its logistics and characteristics.

3. Our prices do not include the value-added tax, as long as the activity has not been stated in advance.

4. Schedule. From the moment the customer books the services, she/he knows and accepts the responsibility of obeying scrupulously the next schedules: the meeting time, which indicates the moment when OCIOAVENTURA CERRO GORDO coaches start the service. If any of the participants or the whole group is delayed 20 minutes, it will be understood as a total delay of 40 minutes and as an appearance of the participant or participants, losing automatically all rights over the service and starting the activity without her/him/them in case of a group formed by more participants.

Considering that these delays will imply additional costs of equipment, vehicles and coaches fees, OCIOAVENTURA CERRO GORDO will reserve the right to apply an extra pay if the customer states by telephone her/his wish to keep the instructor waiting to carry out the activity.

OCIOAVENTURA CERRO GORDO reserves the right to modify this clause, in case they consider it as appropriate, as the start of the activity without the total group of people who booked the activity.

The schedules in this web site are just estimated, being valid just those ones sent to the customers in the booking confirmation.

5. OCIOAVENTURA CERRO GORDO reserves the right to modify the schedules, the activity design, the location and even the date of the activity depending on the natural conditions (rain, landslides, water supply cut-off…), technical reasons or the functionality of the equipments (anomalies in the production or transport equipment), or if any of the participants is in state of inebriation or under the effects of drugs that can pose a direct risk for themselves or the rest of the group. This situations will oblige the technical manager to redesign the services or, in an extreme case, to the cancellation of the service and/or loss of all rights above it. Under no circumstances the customer, not in accordance with these technical decisions, will demand a refund, just like any other responsibility of OCIOAVENTURA CERRO GORDO.

7. Our coaches will keep a continuous track of the weather forecast and will estimate in which cases the rain or bad weather could be an inconvenient to carry out the activity. If the customer decides to cancel the service due to climatic or any other reasons, the 100% of the price will be charged. We do not refund the amount due to cancellations because of the rain or any other climatic reasons. We offer an alternative plan B, as a change of date to a period in which the customer can practice this activity or another one. In the case of kayaking or rafting, the meteorological inclemency and the condition of the river are an inconvenient for these activities, and they will be cancelled if the coaches consider it as appropriate. We will also offer in this case an alternative plan B as a change of date or activity, but the company is not obliged to refund as these climatic reasons are outside the pleasure of OCIOAVENTURA CERRO GORDO.

7. If OCIOAVENTURA CERRO GORDO proceeds to the repayment of the booked amount, under no circumstances will bear the costs of accommodation, transports, expenses or any other cost caused by that cancellation.

8. OCIOAVENTURA CERRO GORDO reserves the right to modify or amplify these contractual conditions if the service is carried out by an external contractor.

9. Some of the activities exposed here are subject to the conditions of the administrative management entities where they are located (natural parks, natural reserves…). If OCIOAVENTURA CERRO GORDO cannot offer one of the activities due to causes related to this management field, the customer will be offered an alternative activity similar to the firstly requested one.

10. These services contractual conditions are compulsory and the customer, since the moment of payment, admits and accepts them